Why do I see carpet buckles in my carpet?

carpet restretching

When carpeting is installed by a professional, it is stretched along the room and lays flat with no apparent or detectable buckling. As years pass, from having carpet cleanings performed and regular foot traffic in your home your carpet might develop a buckle. Your carpet may break down in fiber structure which in turn, lessens the life or your carpets.

Are you are looking at a small bulge in your carpet? That can be the beginning stage of loose carpet. When you see one, there is another soon. Carpet that is loose wears out very quickly. If you have been moving furniture across your room, like couches or pull out sofas, this may have agitated your carpet to become loose. Heavy furniture moving can cause this to be an unfamiliar situation.

If your carpet is on a concrete subfloor, you may have tackles that have unfastened. In basements, sometimes you have moisture and temperature changes. This could lead to the tackless being soften from the moisture. When you vacuum and have lots heavy foot traffic in the area of concern, you are creating movement. So you will see more ripples and buckles & rippling. Soon maybe 3 to 6 months your carpet will look like the ocean. You do not want that to happen. Especially when you try to vacuum over the humps! It is always a good idea to check if you have any buckles in your carpets.

Michaels Carpet Restretching specializes in this field and has over 30yrs experience. We will check all areas of concern. We will bring to your attention all the problem areas. You will be very satisfied with the results!